Welcome to Bozeman Software LLC - Justin West:

As a consultant, I provide companies an expertise in interactive software design and development. I have over 18 years of professional experience focusing on JavaScript, Java, HTML5, WebGL, and ActionScript supported by an extensive knowledge in advanced languages and technologies including PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, C#, along with many others. My aptitude for visual design, UI architecture, and creative thinking complement my broad skill set for building both unique and engaging software. With my proven performance, extensive experience, and solid work ethic, I provide a wide variety of efficient and creative solutions.

You may view my resume, references, skills, and art gallery for further qualifications. To inquire about employing my services, please contact me at (406)763-6143 or . I look forward to visiting with you and showing how I can help your business reach its goals.

Listed below are examples of projects that I've worked on. Click on any of the titles for more information, slideshows, video demos, etc.


Design is a personal expression which is both beautiful and instinctive. You need complete and intuitive control over your designs to capture your vision in print. DaVinci is an unmatched, state-of-the-art design tool that pulls together every aspect of the design experience and packs it into one seamlessly user-friendly app.

Green Bein'

Green Bein' Productions:

Green Bein' builds social virtual worlds to help companies connect and interact with their customers. Clients are able to fully customize their virtual world to create an environment that represents their company and helps inform and sell products and services.

NBA Dynasty

NBA Dynasty:

NBA Dynasty™ is a challenging and competitive sports simulation game produced by Disney / Playdom. You're the owner, GM and coach. Now build the next greatest NBA Dynasty!



Green.com was built to be a unique online virtual world and social networking site where kids safely gather, learn, and interact with each other. With the help of Green's partners, Green.com teaches children and tweens the importance of protecting our environment in fun and engaging ways.

Reborn Entertainment

Reborn Entertainment:

In 2006 I founded a Christian software company to illuminate Biblical concepts while strengthening Christians through engaging entertainment, games, and learning software. This is the site that I developed for the company.



Play2Prep is a free, fun, and social way for you to prepare for the ACT and SAT standarized tests. You can play against friends, practice on your own, learn core skills, and track your progress. I worked with Prep Games to produce this Facebook game.

Pinball Gallery

Pinball Gallery:

The Pinball Gallery is where I have examples of my artwork, coding techniques, and custom physics engine. It's a place where I can demonstrate my artistic ability in a fun and interactive way.



Healthgrades is the top site for helping consumers find the right doctor and the right hospital, for the right care. My primarily role for them was to help increase retention rates through A / B testing.

Virtual Explorer

Virtual System Explorer:

This yearlong project, funded by the EPA and National Environmental Services Center, was designed to simulate a small water system and its operations. Extensive use of 3d visuals, video, and interactive simulations makes this program a powerful learning tool. It consists of over 5 hours of training and runs as a download, online course, or via a DVD which can be viewed on set-top DVD players.

Model Me Kids

Model Me Interactive:

Interactive social skills training tool for children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and developmental delays. Working closely with Model Me Kids, I developed this program to bring interactivity to their well known video series.

Beyond Oblivion

Beyond Oblivion - boinc:

Beyond Oblivion is a digital music streaming startup aiming to compete with Spotify and iTunes by providing an online, cloud based, music service that's completely free of subscription fees and free from advertising. I was the senior front-end programmer for the team that developed the alpha version of boinc.



30dB is a free opinion search and opinion publishing platform. Drop in a topic and see what people's opinions are on it. I developed the prototype for 30dB's front-end.

Water Board Basics

Water Board Basics in Colorado:

Developed using Adobe Flex and Flash. This program is designed to help water board members and elected officials understand the basic principles of public water system regulation, operation, planning, budgeting and communication.

Garden History Image Database

Garden History Image Database:

Yousef Zadegan, from Montana State University, came to me needing a program that would allow students to search through thousands of gardens and landscape artists by different categories. Once a garden was found, the student could view its history, photo gallery, aerial view, and many other details. He gave me the design he was looking for, and I developed this program for him in a way that data could easily be added allowing this project to develop over time.

Griffin Family Funeral Chapels

Griffin Family Funeral Chapels:

The Griffin brothers came to me needing a site that would show their history in the area (Camarillo / Thousand Oaks), relay what their company stands for, and allow friends and family to view service information. Using Photoshop, CSS, Flash, and Javascript, I designed this site to work with JOOMLA as a totally custom template and set it up so everything could be easily edited including obituaries, articles, menus, and photo galleries.



PulseLearning is an award-winning eLearning company focused on designing customized learning solutions for their clients in regulated industries. Over the past several years I have helped them with numerous projects ranging from programming highly dynamic, reusable, learning components to proofing products.

Sanitary Survey

Sanitary Survey Fundamentals:

I was the lead programmer and lead artist on this training tool for sanitary surveyors and water system operators. By really pushing the limits of what Macromedia Flash could do, we produced high quality video, simulated 3D animations, and streaming sound to make another very successful software program.

Kirkland Dental Partners

Kirkland Dental Partners:

Kirkland Dental Partners was looking for a clean and professional site to showcase their company. Working closely with Dr. James Bond, I created a highly customizable site that he could manage.


eTRAIN Online Training Application:

This program was most recently used for a project with the Department of Human Services in Oregon. eTRAIN hired me to develop an application that could be reused to house many different training programs. It needed to be available on the Web and on CD.

I also built a CMS to help with entering content into the eTRAIN Training Application. Using this tool, a content person can easily set up a new layout, enter in all of the text and images that are needed, and then click submit. The training application will then update and be ready for activity development.


Code name "Dokimazo":

This is the main project that Reborn Entertainment is currently working on. It is still confidential, but I'll update this description as soon as something is released to the public.


Point-Of-Use Reverse Osmosis:

POU-RO filtration is a great way to filter water and very cost effective, but at the time was relatively unknown. This software package was produced to promote awareness of the system and how to install and maintain one. I was the lead developer on this very effective tool, adding fun simulations and games to guide the user through the program.

Boojum Expeditions

Boojum Expeditions:

Boojum is one of the premiere travel sites that specializes in Mongolia adventures (and other places such as Patagonia, Uruguay, and Tibet).

The objective with this site was to make it look good and have a very small footprint (fast to load even on slow connection speeds). Boojum also needed this site to work with very old browsers and technologies so that people all around the world can view it.


Geo-Solutions, Inc.:

In 2007, I created this site using Photoshop, Lightwave 3D, Contribute, CSS, and JavaScript for Geo-Solutions in Austin, TX. It is set up to allow for easy content editing so they have complete control over their site.

Operator Basics

Operator Basics:

The intended audience for this program was indian reservations, but it ended up being a huge success and is being used nationwide and many areas across the world. Operator Basics is a training tool for small public ground water, surface water and wastewater lagoon systems.

eTRAIN Online

eTRAIN Online:

eTRAIN ONLINE develops and houses training tools for companies and organizations.



eTRAIN needed a site where people could come and purchase training products from a large repository. They also needed a place where companies could put together training stations that catalog specific training tools that are needed by certain individuals.


Source Water Protection:

Several states were on board with this project, and I spent a lot of time at the start designing a system that would be reusable and easy to edit by the content developers. Another challenge was to have an end product that would be delivered as a document, CD ROM, and website for both high and low end internet connections.

DW Basics

Drinking Water Basics:

Several different states needed a tool to help train people in the basics of running a drinking water system. I worked as a developer helping to produce the more complex educational interactions for this program.

Yousef Zadegan

Yousef Zadegan:

Yousef, a professor at Montana State University:Bozeman, wanted an interactive portfolio of all of his work. He gave me the design he was looking for, and I developed this program for him in a way that he could easily add his existing projects and any future projects he completes throughout his career.

Antlers Unlimited

Antlers Unlimited:

Antlers Unlimited is the largest distributor of antlers in the world.

They needed a site where they could list all of their products and have people find them quickly. They also needed to be able to maintain the site themselves, having the option to add, delete, and edit any of the text and images that were needed.


Guide To New Regulations:

This is the first project I worked on for the Montana Water Center. The Guide to New Regulations is a series of PowerPoint presentations that uses decision flowcharts and animations to guide the user through understanding seven new regulations. A good example to look at would be the Lead and Copper Rule.

Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen:

Little Red Hen developed a weed containment unit and needed a way to show their product to possible clients. They came to me and needed it fast ... and they had it the next day.

MSU Virtual Tour

MSU Virtual Tour:

This project was part of the MSU New Student Services site that I created while I was in college (see below). Everything was developed by hand in Lightwave 3D using photos as a reference.

New Student Services

MSU New Student Services:

This is one of the many websites that I was in charge of developing for Montana State University. New Student Services needed a fun website that would show off the great things about MSU and why students should attend. They were a great department to work with and I was given freedom to develop several unique features for them such as QuicktimeVR photos and a 3D interactive map of campus (shown above).


Roadrunner Freight Systems, Inc.:

I developed this site for the Roadrunner trucking company back in the mid 90s. They were looking for an online presence so people could easily learn more about them. The site is no longer up, but I hope to have some larger screenshots posted soon.


Ahreya: My personal website while in college

This was my original portfolio site I created while in college. I have many of my drawings, 3d renderings, videos, photos, and other things cataloged on this site. More than anything, this was a place for me to experiment with new techniques and ideas.