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I am the platform manager for DaVinci leading a team of software developers, business analysts, marketers, and quality assurance team members.

Davinci is a full-service SaaS application for web-to-print that is easily embeddable in any website (see demo video 1 and video 2). DaVinci includes the following apps. DaVinci Designer: a client-facing designer for creating templates, products, and designs. DaVinci Builder: a render engine (running server-side) that outputs files that are sent to print. DaVinci Viewer: giving customers the ability to see and interact with their products in a more realistic 3D environment. All of these features run natively on modern browsers and mobile devices requiring NO plugins.

Overnight Prints is one of DaVinci's current clients using it as their primary client-side designer and also as an in-house tool for developing templates. Check out the videos below to see the capabilities of DaVinci.

Responsibilities: Davinci Platform Manager
Technical: Javascript, HTML5, WebGL, Java, PHP, AWS, Azure, AS3, Python, SQL, WordPress, XML, CSS, ...
Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Adobe Acrobat, Premiere Pro, ImageMagick, Flash, ...

DaVinci Example:

Rotate 3D example Reset rotation for 3D example Unfold 3D example Fold 3D example Expand / shrink 3D example view

I worked in Justin's team for 6 months. During this period Justin showed himself as a strong team leader, always open for colleagues. When I needed an expert opinion, Justin did his best to provide detailed feedback. After a routine job finishing, Justin tried to give me creative or interesting research tasks.

In weekly meetings, Justin wanted to be sure that every team member is healthy, rested, and ready to get things done. Justin helped everybody to improve their English language skills with talking sessions and "themes of the week", which was especially valuable to me.

- Vasily Girichev (Java Developer)

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