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Guide To New Regulations App

This is the first project I worked on for the Montana Water Center. The Guide to New Regulations is a series of PowerPoint presentations that uses decision flowcharts and animations to guide the user through understanding seven new regulations. A good example to look at would be the Lead and Copper Rule.

Technical: Adobe Flash, PowerPoint
Design: Adobe Flash, Photoshop

Justin is very detail oriented and consistently produces applications that meet and exceed specifications. I've worked with Justin for almost 10 years and highly recommend him as an expert application developer. His skills in 3D work, AS3 programming and UI development are especially notable. What he says he will do and what gets done are one of the same ... so he has my top recommendation! Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

- Kevin Kundert (president of eTRAIN Online)

For six years Justin was the principal programmer of our multimedia development team, that created training tools for water-industry professionals. He was reliable, a solid member of the team and a creator of high-quality products that the other programmers and illustrators could build on. The best evidence of his professional performance is the fact that those training courses are still used every day throughout the Nation.

- Gretchen Rupp (director of the Montana Water Center)

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