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Healthgrades is the top website for helping consumers find the right doctor and the right hospital, for the right care. I have worked with Healthgrades in a number of capacities, but I have most closely worked with their marketing division and their health systems division. Their site has over one million visitors a day so attention to detail and code testing is critical.

I created landing pages for video promotions, increased retention rates through A / B testing, built email campaigns, and developed a dynamic ad creator for quickly creating targeted ads.

Company: Healthgrades
  • Web developer
  • Email campaigns
  • A / B test developer
  • Marketing developer
  • Dynamic ad creator
Technical: Javascript, HTML5/CSS, Eloqua, Salesforce, Crownpeak, Brigthspot, Marketo, Worpress, Drupal
Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, ...
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