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Green Bein' Productions

Green Bein' builds social virtual worlds to help companies connect and interact with their customers. Clients are able to fully customize their virtual world to create an environment that represents their company and helps inform and sell products and services. Players can then create an account on that site, customize their avatar, chat with friends, compete in games, go on missions, explore, and much more.

One of Green Bein's current projects, Kid Command, is a virtual world for kids that enhances the online experience through multi-level and multi-player platform-style games that deal with real-world scenarios. We built an avatar builder (sprite sheet creator) to allow for highly customizable avatars.

In addition to the in-world minigames, we built a larger game called Synch. Drag and drop game art from a large library of custom items to make unique platform games to share with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Move up the Synch leader-board as your games become popular. This was originally a game we created to be played from within Kid Command but then decided to make a stand-alone version as well. We then took it one step further and opened our editor to the public so players could create their own levels and share them with friends.

Company: Green Bein' Productions Inc
Responsibilities: Senior Software Engineer
Technical: AS3, Flash, Flash Builder, Flex, Java, SmartFox Server, ElectroServer, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, XML, ...
Design: Photoshop, Flash, Blender, ZBrush, Lightwave 3D, ...

"I've had the privilege of working with Justin since 2010. During that time, Justin has not only been a huge asset to our company, but a good friend as well. One of Justin's best qualities is his honesty. Anyone can SAY they can complete a task, but when Justin says something, I never worry about it, as I know it will be done with the utmost of professionalism. Justin carries himself daily with integrity and confidence as well. He is an excellent father, husband, and an over-all good example to anyone he comes in contact with. I appreciate Justin's abilities and friendship more than he'll ever know, and look forward to working with him in some capacity for years to come."

- Collin Caneva (president & CEO of Green Bein' Productions)

"I worked with Justin for two years and in that time came to deeply respect him as an innovative and talented coder as well as a kind, patient, well-spoken, and supportive colleague/friend. His sense of humor and dedication to great work make him a fantastic collaborator on projects and teams!"

- Deana Ward (vice president of Green Bein' Productions)

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