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NBA Dynasty Game

Prepare to coach your way from high school all the way to the pros! NBA Dynasty™ is a challenging and competitive sports simulation game created by Disney / Playdom. Draft current and past NBA players throughout their entire careers and compete against coaches from all over the world.

My primary responsibility on the NBA Dynasty™ project was to develop the core engine which powers the "Play" feature in the game. I created a fully dynamic, controllable game engine allowing a user to make in-game plays and update the simulator in real-time. The engine is also capable of playing a game at varying speeds throughout a match and displaying different modes of gameplay along with a myriad of other features.

  • Developed the core engine that powers the "Play" feature in the game
  • Created the primary video player
  • Implemented working mockups to aid with visualization and playability of initial ideas
Technical: AS3, Adobe Flash, Flex, JavaScript, XML / JSON, ...
Design: Photoshop, Adobe Flash, ...
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