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Software Application Development

Providing an expertise in interactive software & app development, engaging online experiences, and consulting for over 25 years. I have created applications for well-known companies including Disney, Playdom, NBA, IAC, BP, Healthgrades, MindSpark, PulseLearning, Montana State University, Model Me Kids, and Prep Games. The types of projects include single-page applications, MMO virtual worlds, eLearning & training software, multiplayer games, marketing apps, portfolio software, and more.

The main page lists lots of examples of my work where you can see screenshots, demo videos, and details of each.

  • Software app design & development
  • Web app design & development
  • Mobile app design & development
  • User interface design and experience
  • Game design & development
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Single page applications (SPA)
  • Computer architecture
Example Projects:
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