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I know Justin because he joined our team to work on a very critical web project that had a hard and fast deadline. He jumped right in, got up to speed quickly, was diligent in his work, and he completed all assignments. Justin is also a personable, natural leader and quickly gained the respect and admiration of our other developers. He consistently demonstrated a good work ethic and literally did whatever was necessary to meet his commitments to us, including working all through the night at times. I highly recommend Justin as a senior programmer who is expertly skilled, holds high integrity and meets his commitments.

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

- Danielle Renner (president of Jump Digital Media)

I've had the privilege of working with Justin since 2010. During that time, Justin has not only been a huge asset to our company, but a good friend as well. One of Justin's best qualities is his honesty. Anyone can SAY they can complete a task, but when Justin says something, I never worry about it, as I know it will be done with the utmost of professionalism. Justin carries himself daily with integrity and confidence as well. He is an excellent father, husband, and an over-all good example to anyone he comes in contact with. I appreciate Justin's abilities and friendship more than he'll ever know, and look forward to working with him in some capacity for years to come.

- Collin Caneva (president & CEO of Green Bein' Productions)

"I worked with Justin for two years and in that time came to deeply respect him as an innovative and talented coder as well as a kind, patient, well-spoken, and supportive colleague/friend. His sense of humor and dedication to great work make him a fantastic collaborator on projects and teams!"

- Deana Ward (vice president of Green Bein' Productions)

Justin would be a strong asset to any UI team even if he was living on the moon. Justin has a unique ability to quickly grasp the problem at hand and find a creative, efficient and cost effective solution. In our time limited world, he is both self starting and self reliant, so sent off in the right direction, he timely delivers the solution which seamlessly integrates into the larger product set. He communicates well and can be trusted to do an excellent job from his offsite location.

- Howard Kaushansky (president & CEO of 30dB)

Model Me Kids had an excellent experience working with Justin West in producing our educational software for children with special needs. His skills in developing software, combined with his exceptional interpersonal skills, are a unique combination which resulted in the success of our project.

Using his expertise, Justin took our ideas and cultivated them into an outstanding product. Throughout the development process, he had creative solutions to problems that arose. He also made numerous suggestions for improvements and went above and beyond what was asked of him. Justin's know-how, and his investment in making the product a success, made him an invaluable member of the team.

Justin was responsive, patient, and great to work with. Taking action on all of our requests, he made himself available constantly, and was prompt in his communications. Justin made the experience of bringing software to market a positive one. We look forward to working with him again in the near future.

- Susan Klein (president of Model Me Kids)

Justin brought more to the table than what was asked of him. He constantly looked for ways to improve delivery on our expectations, working as an integral member of the team. Our product and design people requested Justin when being assigned a technical resource. Justin worked remotely, and stayed in rhythm and in touch with our business better than many of our local workers. He is a trusted, creative, and execution oriented individual who proves his worth time and again.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

- Kiele Cox (president of Green.com)

Justin is very detail oriented and consistently produces applications that meet and exceed specifications. I've worked with Justin for almost 10 years and highly recommend him as an expert application developer. His skills in 3D work, AS3 programming and UI development are especially notable. What he says he will do and what gets done are one of the same ... so he has my top recommendation!

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

- Kevin Kundert (president of eTRAIN Online)

It is with great pleasure that I can write this reference since I have known Justin over eight years and feel well qualified to honestly assess his many attributes. Regarding his character, work-ethic, diverse talents and integrity, I can only deem him stellar. I have only met a few people who perform in such a controlled, confident and qualified manner such as Justin. His diligence and diversity allow him to complete projects with marked success at a level of expertise that few possess.

As an owner and president of two funeral chapels, I have had the pleasure of working with Justin on a few projects and his services not only met but exceeded my expectations. The combination of his creative, artistic and exceptional computer skills in addition to his strong commitment to completely satisfying my requests and goals, produced exactly what I wanted and needed.

I can only give my highest regards on Justin's behalf. His balance, well sounded nature and exceptional skill in a plethora of areas are a rare find today.

- Dr. James Bond D.V.M (president of Griffin Family Funeral Chapels)

When planning and building my Garden Image History Database, a digital library of garden images with interactive features, in 2007, I asked Justin West to assist me with programming. Justin did an excellent job in programming and presenting his work in timely fashion. His work is meticulous and I found him to be very responsive and professional. He is thorough, conscientious, very knowledgeable, and a person of high integrity. Based on the quality of work he delivered, I hired Justin again to program my personal portfolio and he exceeded my expectations! During the entire programming process, I had the opportunity to work very closely with Justin through various details.

In closing, I am truly impressed with Justin's work.

- Yousef R Zadegan (assistant professor at Montana State University)

Justin developed our first website in 2005, much of which is still current at www.littleredhen-montana.com. He was quick, professional, and very reasonably priced. He consistently over delivered, and his creative solutions and software development helped my company double sales that year, and then more than triple sales the following year. I give him a 5 star rating.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

- Quincy Daniel OrHai (founder of Little Red Hen)

Justin West was the ideal website design collaborator. He listened when we said we wanted a straightforward design so our staff could easily manage updating content and pictures. Justin was fast, creative and didn't try to sell us more than we needed.

- Kent Madin (founder of Boojum Expeditions)

For six years Justin was the principal programmer of our multimedia development team, that created training tools for water-industry professionals. He was reliable, a solid member of the team and a creator of high-quality products that the other programmers and illustrators could build on. The best evidence of his professional performance is the fact that those training courses are still used every day throughout the Nation.

- Gretchen Rupp (director of the Montana Water Center)

Prior to Justin, we had never had a website for our store. Justin's ideas and suggestions were extremely helpful, and his accommodation to our lack of knowledge was greatly appreciated. Since the development of our site, we have had many new customers contact us that we would have missed out on had we not enlisted Justin to create such a proficient marketing tool. In addition to a strong professional recommendation, I am confident to stand by a strong personal recommendation. Justin is the ideal individual to trust with uncovering and meeting your business's needs. Furthermore, he is a sure bet to exceed expectations.

- Trish Schaufler (president of Tridon, Inc.)

Justin is what I consider to be a true anomaly in the computer programming world. He can always be counted on to develop products in a timely manner and to produce training tools that meet OR EXCEED our high standards. Our group is composed of very talented people, but Justin stands out because he CONSISTENTLY produces state-of-the-art applications ... very complex tasks ... with little or no direction beyond initial scripts for program code developement. He doesn't talk about it ... he just does it. Justin is very humble and easy to work with. He always shares his knowledge with fellow employees to bring the team up to speed and encourages others to do better.

- Kevin Kundert (training director at the Montana Water Center)

Justin is a highly thoughtful and creative engineer. His work was on strategy, on time and on target. He brought sound experience and perspective to the work. A pleasure to work with.

- Kenny Nova (founder of play2prep)

I worked in Justin's team for 6 months. During this period Justin showed himself as a strong team leader, always open for colleagues. When I needed an expert opinion, Justin did his best to provide detailed feedback. After a routine job finishing, Justin tried to give me creative or interesting research tasks.

In weekly meetings, Justin wanted to be sure that every team member is healthy, rested, and ready to get things done. Justin helped everybody to improve their English language skills with talking sessions and "themes of the week", which was especially valuable to me.

- Vasily Girichev (Java Developer)

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