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Wireframes, Mockups, & Prototyping

Providing an expertise in software architecture, UI/UX, and web design for over 25 years focusing on interactivity, robustness, and longevity. I have created mockups and prototypes for companies including Disney, Playdom, NBA, Prep Games, Beyond Oblivion, 30dB, PintPass, and many others.

I start every project by creating detailed, sketched out wireframes. A good amount of time is spent during this phase working with the client, discussing ideas, looking at possible additions that might be wanted in the future, and deciding on exactly what will be built for version 1.0. After this I create mockups for the major pieces of the project to show what to expect for look and feel. The last step in planning is creating a protoype that can be interacted with to give a general sense of what the flow will be.

The main page lists lots of examples of my work where you can see screenshots, demo videos, and details of each.

  • Sketching wireframes for software and web applications
  • Designing accurate mockups
  • Creating interactive prototypes
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